Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

The Waterlase virtually painless laser dentistry is now an option we are able to offer our patients at no extra charge!


This is the ideal option for those who have a fear of needles, drilling, sedation, or pain. There is no need for a numbing injection and no numb lips when you’re done!

winter girlThe Waterlase laser is more efficient than the typical drill because it works by using water and air that delivers precision cutting without the vibration or heat of the drill.

This technique is also safer because it is more precise and there is no cross contamination. The Waterlase targets only the decay without agitating the surrounding area which can cause problems to the healthy teeth in your mouth. It is cleaner and more sanitary because it works without direct contact with your teeth and offers disposable tips.

Laser dentistry is more convenient because it is faster and more efficient than a drill. The dentist is able to perform several procedures in one visit as opposed to having the patient come back to finish procedures. The end result is fewer dental visits!

*Laser dentistry is currently only available at the Sterling Heights location.

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