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Bright Side Dental Online Survey

Where did you first hear about us?
If advertisement, what made you select our advertisement?

When you telephoned the office, how was the conversation?

Why would you recommend our office to other potential new patients?

What was the biggest barrier that kept you from seeing a dentist?

What was the best aspect of your visit to our office?

Please descibe how our staff treated you.

What is your opinion of the dentist that treated you?

In your opinion, what determines whether or not a dentist is a good one?

What are the most convenient hours for you to see us?

Currently we offer a credit to your account as a thank you for any referrals that you send to our office. What would you like as a thanks for your referrals?

What suggestions would you have for improvement in the office, staff, or procedures? Please be honest and blunt as we can only consider that which we are aware of. We welcome new ways to serve you better.

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