Straightening your teeth and perfecting your smile is important and possible at any age. Using orthodontic braces is a common technique used to straighten teeth. The Gentle Dentists at Bright Side offer the latest orthodontic procedures, including braces and Invisalign, and provide several money saving options to help you and your family improve their health and smile.

Bright Side Dental orthodontists know that braces can help improve your bite, prevent problems such as increased plaque and bacteria in teeth and gums, and ensure there are no bone issues. Not to mention improving your appearance and confidence level.

We also offer orthodontic braces to adults. It’s never too late to correct your teeth and improve your smile. Though most orthodontic patients are children and teens, the American Association of Orthodontists states that one in five are adults.

At Bright Side we also have many affordable options for braces, and we even offer a $1500 off coupon you can download right now! Learn more about our services for children, teens and adults, and contact us today to schedule a FREE Orthodontic Consultation.


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